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2.4 Release Notes

Version 2.4.0 introduces enhancements to the Invoicing System and several new reports!


Release Details

Release DateMarch 8th, 2019
Release TypeStable – Maintenance


BUGMAN-279Resolved error when accessing admin pages when a valid session does not exist
BUGMAN-280Restricted notes not properly loading
IMPROVEMENTN/AImproved general error handling and display of errors


Release DateFebruary 11th, 2019
Release TypeStable – Maintenance

Notable Changes

  • Enhanced Security via reCaptcha to prevent brute-force login attempts


BUGMAN-259Ensure all Records are displayed when ‘All’ is chosen from the dropdown
IMPROVEMENTMAN-260Show a clean error when no work orders exist for the report
BUGMAN-261Add Invoice does not work when no user is assigned to an incident
IMPROVEMENTMAN-268Various Backend Database Enhancements
IMPROVEMENTMAN-269Ensure Serial #s for devices are clickable on all pages
BUGMAN-270Licensing erroneously marked as ‘Over Limit’ when manually uploading Students
IMPROVEMENTMAN-271Clarify wording for “Cancel & Return” when adding an Incident
IMPROVEMENTMAN-272Ensure date is properly converted on Device Import
FEATUREMAN-273Implement reCaptcha on login pages
BUGMAN-274Comments no longer appear on printed invoices
IMPROVEMENTMAN-276Better Handle Student ID #’s with non-numeric characters


Release Details

Release DateDecember 19th, 2018
Release TypeStable – Major

Notable Changes

  • Added multiple Invoice Statuses to help keep track of invoices (Unpaid, 1st Notice, Collections, etc).
  • Added the ability to customize Device Statuses
  • Added Various Reports
  • Added Various Receipts (Check-In/Out, User Snapshot, etc.)


BUGMAN-239Resolve acknowledging an incident flag logs you out of the system
IMPROVEMENTMAN-238Restructure Reports & Exports Pages
IMPROVEMENTMAN-237Hide unnecessary fields for Adding/Editing Staff Users
BUGMAN-236Correct Responsiveness on Device Checkout Page
BUGMAN-235Activity Log link loses CSS
BUGMAN-234Edit Device not Saving
BUGMAN-233Unable to add incident photos
FEATUREMAN-248Multiple Invoice Statuses
FEATUREMAN-247Ability to Add Cases & Types to Devices
FEATUREMAN-252Update mailing engine to conform to DKIM, SPF (DMARC) standards
FEATUREMAN-242Ability to customize Device Statuses
FEATUREMAN-222Check In/Out Report for Date Range
FEATUREMAN-223Check In/Out Receipts
FEATUREMAN-246Incident Work Order Report by Building/Status
IMPROVEMENTMAN-253Implement additional CDN for Static Files
FEATURE MAN-011Automated School Year Rollover
FEATURE MAN-224User Snapshot Receipt
FEATURE MAN-256Update to FontAwesome 5.6.1
FEATURE MAN-254Unpaid Invoices Report

Other Technical Changes

Additional back-end work has been completed to further optimize performance of Manage1to1. Manage1to1 now has 13 North American servers and 9 European Servers to deliver content based on the fastest geographical location. We’re now heavily leveraging browser caching to reduce the server load and bandwidth usage for delivering unchanged content (specifically Student IDs, Incident Photos, etc.)

Updated on March 4, 2022

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