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3.3 Release Notes

Version 3.3 introduces One Roster support featuring ClassLink & Infinite Campus integration, Google Device Syncing, front-end Help Desk enhancements, and more!

Version 3.3.0

Release Details

Release DateMay 24th, 2022
Release TypeStable – Major

Notable Changes


FEATUREFEATURE-104As a School District, I want to have OneRoster Support
FEATUREFEATURE-133Google Device Sync
     Also known as: MAN-120
FEATUREFEATURE-137Live Photo Option for Incident Photos
BUGMAN-638Ensure parenthesis (all specials) can be used as filtering options
IMPROVEMENTMAN-645Tickets tab for Users
FEATUREMAN-690Insurance Report
IMPROVEMENTMAN-692Link back to student after making an incident
IMPROVEMENTMAN-697Add building column to the Device Status Report
FEATUREMAN-703Restricted Plan Alert
BUGMAN-721Record incident location
FEATUREMAN-722Assign admin to ticket
IMPROVEMENTMAN-723Implement admin notifications for Tickets
BUGMAN-726Fatal error when searching using quick search
IMPROVEMENTMAN-731Hide Inactive Administrators From Incident List
IMPROVEMENTMAN-732Add Status to Checked Out Report
Updated on May 24, 2022

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