Add Invoice

The Add Invoice section is an easy way to create an invoice within the Manage1to1 system. 

Create Invoice

This section is where invoices will be created within your Manage1to1 environment.

Create Invoice Tab
Create Invoice Tab

Billed To

Billed To Fields
Billed To Fields
  • Full Name – Name of person to whom the invoice will be billed.
  • Mailing Address – Address where client currently resides.
  • City, State, Zip – Name of city, state, and zip code where client currently resides.
  • Invoice Date – Date of invoice creation
  • Assign to user – Search field where name of client of device can be attached

Invoice Items

Invoice Items
Invoice Items
  • Item – Pull down menu of description of type of item to be invoiced.
  • Description – Field that auto fills the description of item that is chosen from the item pull down menu.
  • Quantity – Numerical count of how many items are being billed.
  • Price – Cost per item
  • Total – Total cost of items being billed within that line.
  • +Add More – Adds another line for items that will be included in this invoice. 
  • -Delete – Deletes line for item that has been added to this invoice. 
  • Subtotal – Total cost of all total line items.


Comments Field
Comments Field
  • Comments – Location where additional comments can be for that particular invoice.
  • Save Invoice – Saves current invoice.
  • Cancel – Cancels current invoice.

Updated on September 13, 2021

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