General Settings Tab

The General Settings tab allows you to manage some of the global settings of the Manage1to1 instance such as your district address, email information, address, name, etc.

General Settings Tab
General Settings Tab

District Name: The name shown throughout the system and on invoices. (Must contact us to modify)

Address: Your District Address used in Invoices, etc.

City, State, Zip: The city, state, and zip code your district resides in.

Email Reply-To Address: The reply-to email address used in all email messages generated from the system.

Sender Name: The “from” name used in emails generated from the system.

Staff & Student Email Domains: When creating a staff or student accounts, this field will be appended to the username to form an email address if one is not supplied.

Username Generation Format: When you do not supply a username in your import file or when manually creating a user, Manage1to1 will generate one in the specified format

Kindergarten & Below Password: A simple password that is used when generating passwords for users in Grade 0 (Kindergarten) or lower.

Enable Insurance Tracking: Enabling this will allow you to load in Insurance providers and track insurance by either a device itself or a user.

Enable Apple Fields: Set this to true to enable Apple specific fields throughout the system. (Apple ID, Apple Password, Unlock Code)

Enable Check-In Incident Bypass: Selecting this box will bypass the requirement of putting an incident in order to check in a device.

Enable Rapid Check-In/Out: Set this to true to enable the Rapid Check-In/Out feature. This will allow Manage1to1 to function very similar to a library catalog check-in/out system.

Enable Device Fees: Set this to true to enable a flag that the user has paid a device “checkout” fee. This does not record a dollar amount, but simply a yes or no flag.

Enable Auto-Fill Student Emails on Invoices: Set this to true to automatically populate the student email address (if provided) into the “to” field on invoices.

Enable Auto-Fill Guardian Emails on Invoices: Set this to true to automatically populate the guardian email address (if provided) into the “to” field on invoices.

Enable Device Case Tracking: Enables the ability to add device cases to the system.

Default Records Displayed: Select the default records shown on pages containing data lists (View Users, View Invoices, etc.)

System Timezone: Select the desired timezone that all records will be saved in.

Grade Labels: Customize your Kindergarten and below grade levels display within Manage1to1.

Email Server: Specify your email server here.

Updated on September 13, 2021

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