Whenever a new version of Manage1to1 is released, we publish the change log/release notes on our website. Beginning June 01, 2019 - we have re-termed change log to be release notes as it is more applicable to the style of information we provide. Below you can find a link to view the release notes of each releases.

(Note - we are presently migrating from our old change log page to this new format and until complete, this page may not be complete)

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 introduces a brand new layout and increased optimization on all pages. Additionally a global search feature has been added.


VersionRelease Date
3.0.3September 5th, 2020View Release Notes
3.0.2August 11th, 2020View Release Notes
3.0.1July 27th, 2020View Release Notes
3.0.0July 3rd, 2020View Release Notes

Version 2.5

VersionRelease Date
2.5.0June 1st, 2019View Release Notes

Version 2.4

VersionRelease Date
2.4.2March 8th, 2019View Release Notes
2.4.1February 11th, 2019View Release Notes
2.4.0December 19th, 2019View Release Notes

Version 2.3

VersionRelease Date
2.3.2November 4th, 2018View Release Notes
2.3.1October 22nd, 2018View Release Notes
2.3.0October 16th, 2018View Release Notes